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Prelude In E minor : Nicholas Bruhns

Te Deum : J. Langlais

Praise to the Lord : Helmut Walcha

In Thee is Gladness : J.S.Bach

Trumpet Voluntary : William Boyce

Flute Piece : Thomas Thorley

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Blessed Jesus & Here I am to Worship

Holy Holy Holy

We Fall Down

Lord I Lift Your Name on High

A selection from a piano concert

Alhborn Galanti 3000

What are People Saying?


"…we were truly in awe of Rodney's command of the RRPC instrument-just like he had been playing it for years…Rodney has  a wonderful sense of humor that makes the concert just fly by.  He had our heads spinning with ideas.  His workshop was just phenomenal!  Rodney's most important message he CLEARLY sent to each of us was the importance to experiment with MIDI sounds without the unrelenting, nagging feeling that, for example, Bach would NEVER do that!"

--Rocky River Presbyterian Church, Cleveland, Ohio

"Rodney was magnificent…could have listened to him for hours…he "gets it"!  while lots of organists could play a technically correct difficult Bach piece and audiences listen, think the organist did a great job and promptly forget about the experience,  Rodney ...with his passion uses EVERYTHING that's available on the organ.  Pieces that have been heard a million times become new and exciting again.  Rodney turns even the simple pieces into "wow" moments.  His creativity is what sets him apart and what draws audiences to him as a listener."

--Concordia Lutheran Church, St. Paul, Minnesota

"…Last Sunday a large crowd gathered at Forrest Burdette UMC for a spectacular Christmas organ concert by Rodney Barbour on the Harrah Symphonic Organ.  Barbour played dramatically and enthusiastically at the console of one of the great organs in the world.  He, like all the outstanding organists who have the privilege of playing on this instrument demonstrated the organs power, versatility and beauty."

--Forrest Burdette UMC, Hurricane, WV (reviewed in the Herald-Dispatch)