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Education:  holds the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Education and Organ Performance from Marshall University and the Master of Music Degree in Organ Performance from the University of Cincinnati.  Additional studies include: the completion of all Doctoral course work and recitals for a doctoral degree in  organ performance from the University of Cincinnati; studies in worship, organ performance and children’s music at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; and study at the Creative Education Foundation at the State University of New York at Buffalo.


Professional Organizations:  Rodney Barbour has served as Corresponding Secretary,  Sub-Dean and Dean of the Huntington, WV and Cincinnati Chapters of the American Guild of Organists.   He has also served on the Worship Committee of the Presbytery of Cincinnati. 


Industry: Rodney Barbour held the position of Manager of Dealer Support Services for Baldwin Piano and Organ Company 1993-1996 and Regional Sales Manager for Rodgers Instruments, LLC 1996-1998.  Rodney served as a Product Specialist for Rodgers Instruments LLC from 1998-February 2005.


Writer/Arranger:  Rodney has articles published in Church Music Digest, Music Revelation, Church Business, PedalPoint, and Christian Sight and Sound.  Rodney has Printed Music Books for Organ with MIDI registrations published by LifeWay:   Collection "Christ We Do All Adore Thee" by Lauren Gadd;  Hope Collection "MIDI Orchestrations for Organ" by Douglas Wagner; and Concordia Collection "Wedding Music for General MIDI" by various composers.  


Early Recordings. 
Rodney's initial LP Vinyl Recording "Reflections on the Birth of Christ" (Organ) is currently being remastered for CD release.  In addition, two organ demonstration cassettes were recorded for Church Organ Systems/Baldwin Piano and Organ Company on their B Series and C Series Organs. 

Current Releases:
Praises Grand and Glorious.  Ten interactive MIDI Orchestra/Organ arrangements of Ovid Young "Praises Grand and Glorious"    (available from LifeWay.).

Songs of Life-Sounds of Faith (Rodgers Trillium 900 Series).  Traditional Organ Literature and Hymns.

Hymns of Power-Songs of Peace (Rodgers Trillium 700 Series).  Traditional Organ Hymns and Worship Songs

Journey (Rodgers Allegiant-Insignia Series).  Traditional Organ Literature and Hymns.

Two Become One (Rodgers Trillium 700 Series).  Wedding Music with MIDI from Concordia Publishing “Wedding Processionals and Recessionals).  Book and Recording available from Concordia Publishing.

Colors in Praise (Rodgers Trillium 700 Series).  Ten selections from LifeWay’s Organ Music Collections.  Arrangements and MIDI Orchestrations available through FrogMusic.com.

Glad Tidings-Great Joy (Rodgers Trillium 700 Series).  Christmas Organ and Vocal Solos with Dawn Donovan, Soprano.

Songs for Mom and Dad (Rodgers 537).  Simple hymn and praise chorus arrangements.

Seasons of Worship (Rodgers Trillium 908).  Songs and Hymns for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter.

Traditions of Worship (Rodgers Insignia 538/548 Series).  Traditional, Liturgical, Gospel and Contemporary Hymns.

Echoes of the Nativity (Allen Digital Organ).  Christmas favorites with MIDI.


Entertainer:  Rodney has performed on Bass Trombone, Euphonium and Organ with both the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus Band and the Holiday
on Ice Orchestras.  From 1983-1992 Rodney was a featured performer at Cincinnati's Springdale Music Palace Mighty Wurlitzer Organ (3/33).  As a Sports Organist, Rodney Barbour was Official Organist of the Cincinnati Reds at Riverfront Stadium from 1987 to 1999 and Organist for the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks (AHL Hockey) from 1998-2001.  Rodney was Producer, Arranger  and Accompanist for "The Swing Sisters", a women's trio recreating performances of the Andrews and Maguire Sisters, performing on venues with the (New) Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and the (New) Guy Lombardo Orchestra.  Rodney was a member of the volunteer staff of organists at Cincinnati ATOS' Emery Theatre playing for movies on the 3/25 Wurlitzer Theatre organ during the 1980's and early 1990's.


Church Music: Among the many churches Rodney has served as Director of Music and Organist are the First Baptist Church, Kenova, WVa. (3/9 Rodgers Pipe Augmented Organ), College Hill Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, Ohio (4/50 Schantz Pipe Organ),  St. Paul United Methodist Church, Cincinnati, Ohio (3/37 Rodgers Pipe Organ), and Crestview Presbyterian Church, West Chester, Ohio (Moeller Pipe Organ and Allen Digital Organ.    Rodney has planned and written worship liturgies, directed adult, youth, children's and handbell choirs, directed and performed (low brass) in instrumental ensembles, produced and directed children's musicals, organized worship concert series and youth choir tours and accompanied worship on organ, piano and keyboard instruments as well as directed, sung and played accordion and keyboard for contemporary worship bands.    Rodney organized and conducted the 250 voice all Cincinnati Presbyterian Celebration '86 Choral and Instrumental Worship Music Festival with at least one person from every Presbyterian Church in the Cincinnati Presbytery.  With his vast and varied background in many musical performance situations, Rodney is comfortable and articulate in traditional and contemporary worship styles.


Educator:  Rodney is noted for his teaching abilities and has presented classes and lecture-demonstrations at many of the major church music training events including:

Ridgecrest (LifeWay)
Glorieta (LifeWay)
FABM Fellowship of American Baptist Musicians
FUMM Fellowship of United Methodist Musicians
Lake Junaluska (United Methodist)
National Association of Anglican Musicans
National Pastoral Musicians (Roman Catholic)
National Conventions as well as Regional Conventions and Local Chapter          Meetings of American Guild of Organists (Seattle 2000, Los Angeles


Current: Rodney travels independently as a performer, educator and consultant in the field of church music. 

What are People Saying?

"You captured the whole room! While concert was informative and educational, it was also done with excellence, humor and most importantly glorifying to the Lord. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

--S.K. at College Hill


"(Trillium 787 CD is a Big Hit!) Rodney Barbour's new demonstration CD, played on Rodgers Trillium 700 Series Organs is the perfect CD for churches not sure if they really need an organ. Rodney blends MIDI orchestral sounds with the organ voices seamlessly proving the point he teaches at this highly regarded MIDI Seminars--the Rodgers organ is the ultimate MIDI controller."

--Rodgers Organs Web-Site


"...I found Rodney's presentation the very best I've seen so far. He really got into the head of the working church musicians, and gave us sensible and artistic ways to think about music styles and orchestral approaches, whether we have a big Rodgers or not. Very educational and useful for those of us who are ready to branch out...(Rodney's fine presentation) really hit home with me..."

--Morgantown, WVa American Guild of Organists


"...thanks to Rodney for an incredible program!  We were pleased with the breadth of literature he was able to successfully include in the program that left our audience breathless and our congregation sure they made the right purchase!  Not only this, but he gave our organist any number of great ideas for registrations and even clues as to what in the arrangements, can be highlighted through creative use of the organ and MIDI resources. "

--St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Stow, Ohio


"I once heard the definition of art was anything that moved you emotionally. Music is often emotional for me…your organ playing two weeks ago was an emotional experience for me, something that moved me inside and brought me to happy tears. Your playing was pure love. Thank you!"

--B.J. following recent Crestview Presbyterian Church Worship Service


"Where can you hear Bach's Dorian Toccata and the Chicken Dance in the same evening? The only place I know of is at a Rodney Barbour concert! And that is exactly what the folks at First United Methodist Church in Fort Dodge, IA were able to experience when Rodney played on their 2007 Rodgers 958, interfaced with the church's original 1914 Austin pipe organ. The audience of over 200 was treated to an amazingly eclectic program which showed every facet of this wonderfully versatile instrument. It was a particular treat to see the reactions on the faces of those in the audience when Rodney used the MIDI sounds on the instrument. The positive feelings in the church were palpable, and Rodney showed the extraordinary versatility of the organ with his customary skill. As one lady said to me after the concert, "My next-door neighbor dragged me here, and I really didn't want to come, because I thought it would be boring. I had no idea I was going to enjoy it so much. If you are worried that people are losing interest in the organ, and that the future for the organ is bleak, consider getting Rodney Barbour to come and do an event for you. He has a truly unique ability to invigorate and revitalize a jaded crowd, and give them a new appreciation the organ and what it can do."

--N.W. at Fort Dodge


" Your organ presentation was unique and insightful, mediating a vast number of worship issues with incredible facility and ease.  Your witness to scripture, historic awareness, and ability with language made the event engaging, for which I am grateful."

--Rev. David Johnson (Concordia Publishing, St. Louis, Missouri)



"Rodney's tremendous programming ability and the flourish with which he registers and plays his repertoire is the reason we keep coming back to him.  The concert was a smashing, delightful success (2 standing ovations!) and our client came away knowing they made the best decision.  Rodney accomplishes two things:  1) he shows them what the organ can sound like and 2) he lights a fire under their organist to at least try to be more creative."

--Redurban Presbyterian Church, Canton, Ohio-T.S. Good Church Organ Company